Jason Molenda
Tue Sep 5 19:08:00 GMT 2000

I looked into this a bit (after sending my mail note saying there should
be no problem, of course :-).  I can reproduce Scott's reported problem.

An update with the an SSH or pserver access methods does not pick
up files added in the src/ directory.  I honestly don't know why.

It doesn't have anything to do with the modules file - that file
is only relevant at check-out time; after that, cvs knows nothing
of the module you checked out.

I poked around trying to figure out what is going on this this
directory, but failed (or rather, I have to get back to my real
work :-).  For what it's worth, though, this behavior we're seeing
with the top level of the /cvs/src directory is neither expected
nor correct.  Something is up with the RCS files here.  Or maybe
there is some odd case of cvs that I don't understand and it's
coming up here, but that's not as likely.

As people have suggested, check out binutils/gdb again from the top
level as a workaround.


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