Jason Molenda
Tue Sep 5 18:21:00 GMT 2000

I haven't been following this thread, but...

scottb> Actually on further testing, it gets me the file on checkout, but not
scottb> on an update.

hjl> You have to use checkout on binutils and gdb.

It isn't all that horrible.  A 'checkout' will act like an update if the
tree is already populated by files.

If you normally do

 % cd /somewhere/src
 % cvs update

do this instead:

 % cd /somewhere
 % cvs -d co gdb
 % cvs -d co binutils

and you'll see it pulling over only the new/updated files/directories
in to your tree.

It is a bit less efficient to use a checkout instead of an update.
The update will send deltas (patches) over the wire to update your
work area, whereas a checkout sends the files in their entirety.

In either case, compressing the cvs operation is always a good
idea. Add  the '-z9' command line option directly after 'cvs',
or put

  cvs -q -z9

in your $HOME/.cvsrc.


PS-  If you guys are talking about a file in the top-level directory,
then a checkout is not necessary, an update will pick it up.  The only
thing an update won't get you are newly created directories.  If an
update _isn't_ getting some file, I'd look over your CVS/Entries file
in that directory to see if there might be something in there that is
confusing cvs.  This behavior does not sound correct.

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