Insight crashes when I open a located image

Fernando Nasser
Fri Jul 21 06:56:00 GMT 2000

Gerwyn Davies wrote:
> I've tried using gdb -nw, but I have a very hard time trying to connect to
> the target. Here's a trace:-
> >Remote debugging using com1
> >Sending packet: $Hc-1#09...putpkt: Junk:
> Nothing will happen, until I press the NMI button, then on rare occaisions I
> can connect. I don't have this problem when using Insight, but I do still
> have to press the NMI once before I can connect to the board.
The diference is that Insight (the GUI) always send a "set remotebaud NNNN" before
the "Target" command.

Please try the sequence:

set remotebaud 9600     (or whatever your board speed is)
target remote com1      (I am assuming your board monitor has a gdb remote stub, 'course)

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