Insight crashes when I open a located image

Gerwyn Davies
Fri Jul 21 06:14:00 GMT 2000

These are the command lines I'm using. Its only a simple program to flash an

mips-tx39-elf-gcc -O2  -DCOSMP27 -DCIO_27 -D__BigEndian -DB115Kext -O2 -g -W
all -fno-exceptions -DUSE_HELP -DNO_MALLOC  -c led.c -o led.o

mips-tx39-elf-ld -o led.out -lg -lstdc++ -L/lib -T/link/tx39xxb.ld -Map crt0_only.o led.o

I've tried using gdb -nw, but I have a very hard time trying to connect to
the target. Here's a trace:-

>Remote debugging using com1
>Sending packet: $Hc-1#09...putpkt: Junk:

Nothing will happen, until I press the NMI button, then on rare occaisions I
can connect. I don't have this problem when using Insight, but I do still
have to press the NMI once before I can connect to the board.

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From: Fernando Nasser <>
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Date: 20 July 2000 22:44
Subject: Re: Insight crashes when I open a located image

>Gerwyn Davies wrote:
>> (No HTML this time I hope!)
>> Hello,
>> I have a problem where Insight crashes out when  I open an linked and
>> located object file, and was hoping that someone may be able to shed some
>> light onto it.
>What is the exact command line you've used to compile/link your
>> I'm using:-
>> >GNU gdb 4.17-gnupro-98r2
>> >This GDB was configured as
>> "--host=i586-pc-cygwin32 --target=mips-tx39-elf".
>> I dont know what version of Insight I'm using, maybe someone could tell
>> how to find this out.
>The Help menu has the About option.  That will tell you something.
>For the problems you are refering to, you can also start gdb with the
>command line interface:
>gdb -nw
>It will print the underlying debugger version.
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