Step into and Step over....

Andrew Cagney
Thu Jul 6 01:21:00 GMT 2000

[I dropped insight, I suspect it is a GDB problem]

Paul Breed wrote:
> I've been stuck at this place for a long time.
> I'm willing to pay someone to help me solve this....
> Step over does not work.
> Example:
> 10)printf("Something");
> 11)myfunction();
> 12)printf("Something else");
> If I am stopped at a break point on line 10
> If I hit 'S' step I go to the first line of code
> within printf.
> If I hit 'N' next I go the the opening brace in the
> printf function.
> If I hit 'F' I finish the function and return.

Could I suggest downloading a post 5.0 snapshot (see ) and trying the problem
out on just GDB (use gdb -nw ....).  What you have described sounds like
a GUI problem.

It would also be helpful if there there was a copy of the actual GDB
session so it is clear what is happening.

As for the bug, one starting point is to try stepi instead of step.  GDB
implements step using a sequence of STEPI's.

> I see the same problem running just GDB (I've not
> tried 5.0 only 4.18.1)

Hmm, to the best of my knowledge there was never an official ``4.18.1''
release.  I suspect you've picked up a custom job.


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