Step into and Step over....

Dave Arnold
Wed Jul 5 17:12:00 GMT 2000


I've had similar problems but  I'm unsure whether the current available port
of Insight to cygwin even works
for anyone using win9x.  I've posted questions to the list to see who else
is using it, if they're having problems or not
but I have not one response out of about 3 postings.

I personally have had numerous problems.  I love the GUI on insight, it
seems to have a load of great
features and is very intuitive GUI which gets me excited. But I have not
been able to use it. Sometimes
what I'll do is recompile with DJGPP and use the command line gdb that comes
with DJGPP instead,
or I'll go as far as using Borland debugger but this is getting tiresome
after so many times.

I've been planning on trying to do a build of the latest source on my win95
computer to see if things
will go any smoother but haven't got around to it.

Do you know if Insight GDB will compile "OOB' with a ./configure and make ?
under cygwin on win95?

The problems I've had are numerous, most common are these:
1.source code in assembly only
2.listing source limited to some files and not others e.g. list
foo.c:myfunc() gives an error saying "source unavailable"
3.stepping and breakpoints work on and off and unpredictably.
4.using gdb console window and attempting to run an .exe gives "Error 193"
and failed to create process.  What the
heck am I supposed to do?


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Date: Wednesday, July 05, 2000 7:13 AM
Subject: Step into and Step over....

>I've been stuck at this place for a long time.
>I'm willing to pay someone to help me solve this....
>Step over does not work.
>12)printf("Something else");
>If I am stopped at a break point on line 10
>If I hit 'S' step I go to the first line of code
>within printf.
>If I hit 'N' next I go the the opening brace in the
>printf function.
>If I hit 'F' I finish the function and return.
>I would have expected 'N' to step over the printf on
>line 10 and stop at line 11.
>Is this assumption wrong?
>I'm using the latest Insite build on windows NT as
>a cross debugger for a M68K-Elf using the remote
>The code was compiled with GCC 2.95.2
>I see the same problem running just GDB (I've not
>tried 5.0 only 4.18.1)
>This problem has persisted unchanged for more than a
>year I'd be glad to work on it myself, but I need some
>Please respond to as the ISP I
>normally use is on the Cygnus mail list reject list.
>So I am reduced to yahoo mail ;-(
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