More Obsolescence

Stan Shebs
Thu Jun 17 15:12:00 GMT 1999

The time of mass reformatting approacheth, and to cut down on the
number of files to mess with, I'd like to declare a few more configs
obsolete.  I've searched the web, archives, and GDB's change history,
and there is no evidence that anybody has these kinds of machines
anymore, or that if any still exist, no one is developing GNU tools
for them:

	Convex C1, C2x (c1-*-*, c2-*-*)
	Pyramid (pyramid-*-*) (this is from before the mips svr4 machine)
	Romp (romp-*-*)
	Tahoe (tahoe-*-*)
	Altos 3068 (m68*-altos-*)
	ISI Optimum V (m68*-isi-*)
	NYU Ultra3 (a29k-*-sym1*)

If no one speaks to save these, I will follow the same procedure as
already applied to the Gould - the code will be commented out and a
note left in gdb/NEWS.  If they go through a second release without
being revived, the commented-out sources will be deleted.


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