Reformatting Plan

Stan Shebs
Fri Jun 18 17:32:00 GMT 1999

OK, I have a more specific proposal for the big reformat.  I suggest
we do it on 7 July, and do it as a pair of snapshots/CVS imports, one
just before, and one just after.  We will make no other changes on
this day.  The changes will be restricted to the main GDB dir and
subdirs, excluding *-share, since those are imported from elsewhere,
and testsuite, since it would make problems with some tests.  We will
be running GNU indent 1.7 with no arguments.

Anyone that is maintaining source trees in parallel, with additional
patches, should reformat independently and then merge; otherwise your
source control system is likely to choke.  Using diff -w will greatly
reduce the volume of change reports.


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