GDB and Insight CVS repositories.

Andrew Cagney
Wed Aug 18 17:26:00 GMT 1999

Brendan Simon wrote:
> I've heard that tGDB and Insight have seperate CVS repositories.  Is
> this true ?

Cygnus maintains an internal source base that contains both GDB and
Sourceware has:

	o	a CVS repository with approved GDB sources

	o	Insight tar archives and patches

Since the Insight mods to GDB are not approved they are not allowed to
be put in the CVS repository that contains official GDB sources.

Setting up a further repository on sourceware that contains an
un-approved GDB and Insight is just getting (as you suggest) silly. 
What happens when someone wants to add that Python interface (or even
perl...) are each of those going to end up in separate unofficial


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