GDB and Insight CVS repositories.

Brendan Simon
Wed Aug 18 16:56:00 GMT 1999

I've heard that tGDB and Insight have seperate CVS repositories.  Is
this true ?

Since Insight has the full GDB source included, I can see
synchronisation problems between the repositories.  I believe (not 100%
sure) that stock standard GDB (without the GUI) can be built from the
Insight sources.  Is this true ?  If so, it makes sense to me that there
is only one master source repository for Insight and GDB.  Those that
don't want a GUI can build with something like "make all-gdb
install-gdb" and those who want the GUI can build with something like
"make all install" or "make all-insight install-insight".  It seems
logical to me and can't see why 2 repositories should exist.  Maybe this
is just an interim thing until Insight is officially released.

I guess the other option is to seperate the GUI sources from GDB
sources.  I'm not sure of the details of how this would be done but
believe it is possible.  Are there any technical reasons why this can't
or shouldn't be done.

Brendan Simon.

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