Name Mangling from Solaris CC

Jake Colman
Thu May 7 11:19:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Guenther" == Guenther Grau <uunet!!Guenther.Grau> writes:

    Guenther> Hmm, is this really such a big deal of adding it? gdb correctly
    Guenther> outputs the non demangled C++ names on Solaris. Cut&Paste from
    Guenther> gdb output to dem(1) on Solaris yields the proper demangled
    Guenther> name. How about just adding a call to

    Guenther> cplus_demangle(const char *in, char *out, size_t size);

Ok.  I'm back again and can finish my thought.  Where id you find this
cplus_demangle call?  I am running Solaris 2.4 on a Sparc and cannot find this
anywhere.  Is this a gnu function or one provided by Sun?  If gnu, how does it
know how to demangle Solaris output?

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