Name Mangling from Solaris CC

Guenther Grau
Thu May 7 11:33:00 GMT 1998

Jake Colman wrote:
> >>>>> "Guenther" == Guenther Grau <uunet!!Guenther.Grau> writes:
>     Guenther> Hmm, is this really such a big deal of adding it? gdb correctly
>     Guenther> outputs the non demangled C++ names on Solaris. Cut&Paste from
>     Guenther> gdb output to dem(1) on Solaris yields the proper demangled
>     Guenther> name. How about just adding a call to
>     Guenther> cplus_demangle(const char *in, char *out, size_t size);
> Ok.  I'm back again and can finish my thought.  Where id you find this
> cplus_demangle call?  I am running Solaris 2.4 on a Sparc and cannot find this

Well, I did an uname -a to show that I am running Solaris 2.5.1 :-)
Looks like this function didn't exist in Solaris 2.4 then :-) The we
to add a compile time flag to enable this feature only on Solaris 2.5.1
and higher.

> anywhere.  Is this a gnu function or one provided by Sun?  If gnu, how does it

see above.

> know how to demangle Solaris output?

IIRC, there is even a man page describing the format of the Solaris
style. I just don't remember it's name right now and man -k deman
doesn't find
it. Maybe if I find some more time I'll try to dig for more information,
if it's
needed. The format seems to be pretty simple, though. Simply looking at
output will probably yield the same results :-)


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