Switch to pure ANSI?

Stan Shebs shebs@cygnus.com
Mon Dec 7 17:02:00 GMT 1998

A number of people have pointed out that GDB's requirement to support
K&R C compilers by using PARAMS etc is somewhat archaic; at this point
only SunOS and some HP/UX systems even *have* pre-ANSI compilers, and
they have GCC ports already.  So I'm contemplating changing the GDB
coding standard to specify ANSI-only code.  (Note that this doesn't
require changing all the code, but it does allow files to be converted
as convenient.)

However, before taking this step, I'd like to be sure that everyone is
comfortable with the change.  A few files are already like this; for
instance, Mac and Windows native support, and some of the simulators.
However, once common files start changing, then people trying to use
cc on SunOS 4.1 and HP/UX will be unable to build GDB.  To those folks
I believe we can say "use GCC".  Are there any other platforms that
would be adversely affected?  Are there any other bad consequences to
changing the standard?


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