.eh_frame problem

Mark E. snowball3@usa.net
Wed Mar 3 21:15:00 GMT 1999

> I doubt it, since I think that djgpp doesn't use BFD_ASSEMBLER.  If
> you look at gas/config/tc-i386.h at md_maybe_text, you will see how
> gas guesses whether to pad with 0x90 or 0.
Here's the code:
#define md_maybe_text() \
 ((bfd_get_section_flags (stdoutput, now_seg) & 
SEC_CODE) != 0)
#define md_maybe_text() \
 (now_seg != data_section && now_seg != 

It seems to me, to parallel the BFD_ASSEMBER 
version, that the !BFD_ASSEMBER version should 
be something like:
#define md_maybe_text() (now_seg == 


Mark Elbrecht
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