.eh_frame problem

Mark E. snowball3@usa.net
Wed Mar 3 21:00:00 GMT 1999

> section contains data rather than code?  If there is, then we should
> figure out how to get that information to md_maybe_text, as should already
> work for the BFD_ASSEMBLER version of gas.

The problem does goes away when using BFD_ASSEMBLER gas. But 
I'll take a look and see if there is a solution for non-BFD_ASSEMBLER 
gas. We'd use BFD_ASSEMBER gas in 2.9.1 but if you'll recall it has 
that bug I reported and you fixed in late October where incorrect fixups 
are written out making the object files unusable.


Mark Elbrecht
snowball3@usa.net http://members.xoom.com/snowball3/

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