H.J. Lu
Mon Nov 27 22:06:00 GMT 1995

I am kind of confused by the asm output under x86/ELF:

1. There is a limit of MAX_OFILE_ALIGNMENT in bits for maximum alignment.
   But it only applies to symbols in data, not those in bss/common.
2. __attribute__ ((aligned (n))) doesn't do anything useful if n > 4
  for integer or 8 for double. Should a better MAX_OFILE_ALIGNMENT
  be defined for x86?
3. The x86/ELF gas is kind of strange:

	.local x.2
	.comm   x.2,4,4


	.comm  x.2,4,16

mean the same alignment. But I checked as on Sparc/Solaris.

	.local x.2
	.comm   x.2,4,16


	.comm  x.2,4,16

have the same alignment. Personally I prefer Solaris. But if most of
ELF/SVR4 as does the same as gas, I guess my opinion doesn't count

I don't know what the correct fixes are. I hope:

1. Increase MAX_OFILE_ALIGNMENT for x86 to 0x1000 or somthing like that.
2. Change gas to work like Solaris.

H.J. Lu
NYNEX Science and Technology, Inc.

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