problems with ld from binutils 2.5.2l.20

Wolfgang Stukenbrock
Tue Sep 12 03:43:00 GMT 1995

>     Support you run
> 	ld -Lfoo -lfoo -Lbar -lbar
>     The proposed change appears to argue that the -Lbar should not apply
>     to the -lfoo.  However, that only matters if foo/libfoo.a does not
>     exist.
> That is true.
> What this shows is that even if the order of options were not rearranged,
> the -L feature is insufficient for controlling which libraries are used,
> for the reason that it can only add to the end of the search list.
> So I guess we might as well not change this unless/until we also make
> it powerful enough to alter the search list in more flexible ways.
> I don't know of an urgent need to do that.

I don't think it will be a good idea to change this in any case, because
some makefile rely on the fact, that all -L directives are scanned before
any other processing is done. The ld would get incompartible to the standard

 Wolfgang Stukenbrock

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