problems with ld from binutils 2.5.2l.20

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Aug 3 08:29:00 GMT 1995

   From: (H.J. Lu)
   Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 9:49:19 EDT

   >  > For the GNU linker, -L applies to all -l's.
   > This behavior is wrong. First, it makes no sense, since the order of
   > -l's is significant, and second, it makes it impossible to control
   > which copies of which libraries are linked with, which could be
   > significant. 

   The problem is twofold:

   1. gcc will re-arrange the order of -L's and -l's. It puts -L's ahead of
   2. One -L list is used fo all libraries in the linker.

   We have to change both gcc and ld to do the "right" thing.

Just as a side note, the GNU linker behaviour is consistent with the
SunOS linker behaviour.  However, I agree that this should probably be


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