changes to elf, bfd, m68k, sparc-solaris

Ken Raeburn
Fri Jul 7 14:57:00 GMT 1995

If you haven't picked up a snapshot lately, please try the one from
this morning or tomorrow morning.

The BFD directory now uses autoconf for some things; some of the data
in hosts/*.h and config/*.mh still needs to move into autoconf.  (In
today's snapshot you'll want to remove bfd/config.cache; that'll be
fixed in the next snapshot.)  The ELF code in BFD has been rearranged

A couple weeks or so ago, I incorporated a bunch of m68k fixes from
Andreas Schwab.  And in the next snapshot will be some code Ian has
written for PIC support in the sparc-solaris2 configuration.  (No PIC
support for sunos4 yet, sorry.)

So especially if you're using an elf or m68k configuration, please let
me know if any new problems come up.

The diffs are going to be rather large; I'm in the process of updating
the FSF address in the headers too.  (Some done yesterday, the rest
should be done today.)  Also, Steve has recently added some binary
files, and we've fixed some files without trailing newlines; diff and
patch don't deal with these well, so you may just want to grab a new


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