more autoconfiscation
Tue Jul 11 22:46:00 GMT 1995

I've converted the opcodes directory to use autoconf.  It also no
longer gets its sysdep.h file from the bfd directory.  I added a
small sysdep.h that uses a configure-generated config.h; if more
stuff needs to be added into this for your system, or more tests
need to be run, let me know.

DJ, I took a shot at fixing up the opcodes/configure.bat script,
but you should probably check it over and let me know if I missed

I believe the bfd directory is now the only directory using the
bfd/hosts/*.h files.  If that's the case, the autoconf conversion
of the bfd directory can be pushed a bit further, and many of those
files can be removed in favor of a common, conditionalized header
file and additional autoconf tests.


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