procfs patches for Linux

H.J. Lu
Tue Apr 25 10:51:00 GMT 1995

>    gcc for Linux in a cross-compile environment. One solution is:
>    # cd bfd
>    # mdkir targets
>    # cd targets
>    We move all the target stuff from bfd/hosts to bfd/targets. In
>    bfd/configure, we do:
>    2. if [ -f $srcdir/targets/target.h ]; then

Change that to

	if [ $default_target == $host and 
		-f $srcdir/targets/default_target.h ]; then

> 	   link $srcdir/targets/target.h to tsysdep.h.
> 	   link $srcdir/hosts/host.h to hsysdep.h.
> 	   echo include "hsysdep.h" > sysdep.h
> 	   echo include "tsysdep.h" >> sysdep.h
>       else
> 	   link $srcdir/hosts/host.h to sysdep.h.
>       fi
> The core file support is often dependent on system header files that
> we don't duplicate in the binutils distribution.  Trying to include
> sunos header files when building a sunos cross-assembler hosted on
> linux won't work because you don't have the sunos header files.  And
> you shouldn't have to copy them all over from one system to the other
> just to build binutils.
> In a cross configuration, it generally shouldn't be built.  There may
> be cases where we do have enough information to do it, I don't know.
> But I don't think that's going to be the common case.  (Currently I
> don't think cross-debuggers are expected to handle core files, so it'd
> be no real loss to omit the core file support altogether in cross
> configurations.)

How about my changes above?

>    BTW, do you need a patch for elf32.em to fix the -Lxxxx bug?
> Maybe.  I want to check it against the behavior on Solaris or some
> other non-GNU ELF system.

I already checked SVR4.2. It doesn't have the GNU ld bug.

H.J. Lu
NYNEX Science and Technology, Inc.

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