procfs patches for Linux

Ken Raeburn
Tue Apr 25 09:52:00 GMT 1995

   > Because of the way BFD is set up, core file support is compiled in even
   > for cross configurations.  (This is a bug, and I'll happily take patches
   > to fix it.)  So the Linux core file support has to compile, because

   Will you? Please take a look at below.

   > people may be using Linux as a development system for a cross-assembler.

   That was what I faced more than 2 years ago while bootstrapping
   gcc for Linux in a cross-compile environment. One solution is:

   # cd bfd
   # mdkir targets
   # cd targets

   We move all the target stuff from bfd/hosts to bfd/targets. In
   bfd/configure, we do:

   2. if [ -f $srcdir/targets/target.h ]; then
	   link $srcdir/targets/target.h to tsysdep.h.
	   link $srcdir/hosts/host.h to hsysdep.h.
	   echo include "hsysdep.h" > sysdep.h
	   echo include "tsysdep.h" >> sysdep.h
	   link $srcdir/hosts/host.h to sysdep.h.

The core file support is often dependent on system header files that
we don't duplicate in the binutils distribution.  Trying to include
sunos header files when building a sunos cross-assembler hosted on
linux won't work because you don't have the sunos header files.  And
you shouldn't have to copy them all over from one system to the other
just to build binutils.

In a cross configuration, it generally shouldn't be built.  There may
be cases where we do have enough information to do it, I don't know.
But I don't think that's going to be the common case.  (Currently I
don't think cross-debuggers are expected to handle core files, so it'd
be no real loss to omit the core file support altogether in cross

   > I'm disabling HAVE_PROCFS for Linux in BFD for now, until you can give
   > me something that supports both system environments, with sys/procfs.h
   > and without.

   I will fix it on the linux side.


   BTW, do you need a patch for elf32.em to fix the -Lxxxx bug?

Maybe.  I want to check it against the behavior on Solaris or some
other non-GNU ELF system.

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