elfutils 0.186 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Wed Nov 10 23:03:37 GMT 2021

ELFUTILS 0.186 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.186/

Visit us on the Libera.Chat irc channel #elfutils

* NEWS *

debuginfod-client: Default $DEBUGINFOD_URLS is computed from drop-in files
                   /etc/debuginfod/*.urls rather than hardcoded into the
                   /etc/profile.d/debuginfod* scripts.
                   Add $DEBUGINFOD_MAXSIZE and $DEBUGINFOD_MAXTIME settings
                   for skipping large/slow transfers.
                   Add $DEBUGINFOD_RETRY for retrying aborted lookups.

debuginfod: Supply extra HTTP response headers, describing archive/file
            names that satisfy the requested buildid content.
            Support -d :memory: option for in-memory databases.
            Protect against loops in federated server configurations.
            Add -r option to use -I/-X regexes for grooming stale files.
            Protect against wasted CPU from duplicate concurrent requests.
            Limit the duration of groom ops roughly to rescan (-t) times.
            Add --passive mode for serving from read-only database.
            Several other performance improvements & prometheus metrics.

libdw: Support for the NVIDIA Cuda line map extensions.
       DW_LNE_NVIDIA_inlined_call and DW_LNE_NVIDIA_set_function_name
       are defined in dwarf.h. New functions dwarf_linecontext and

translations: Update Japanese translation.


Adrian Ratiu (1):
  configure.ac: rework gnu99 ext check to allow clang

Alexander Miller (1):
  Improve building with LTO

Alice Zhang (2):
  PR27531: retry within default retry_limit will be supported.
  debuginfod-doc: PR27950 - Remove redanduncies in man page.

Andrei Homescu (1):
  libelf: Fix unaligned d_off offsets for input sections with large alignments

Colin Cross (1):
  lib: Make error.c more like error(3)

Di Chen (2):
  debuginfod: PR27917 - protect against federation loops
  PR28242: debuginfod prometheus metric widening

Dmitry V. Levin (5):
  src: add -Wno-error=stack-usage= to AM_LDFLAGS
  Remove redundant casts of memory allocating functions returning void *
  Introduce xasprintf
  Use xasprintf instead of asprintf followed by error(EXIT_FAILURE)
  findtextrel: do not use unbound alloca

Frank Ch. Eigler (14):
  PR27863: debuginfod optimization for concurrent requests
  debuginfod tests: try to generate diagnostics more reliably on error
  debuginfod tests: tolerate 000-perm files in cache-copy test
  debuginfod test: fix groom/stale race condition
  debuginfod-doc: PR27950: make distcheck happy
  PR28249: correct debuginfod after-you locking
  PR27950 - package new debuginfod-client-config.7 man page in rpm
  PR28339: debuginfod: fix groom/scan race condition on just-emptied queue
  PR27783: switch default debuginfod-urls to drop-in style files
  PR28240: debuginfod client root-safe negative caching
  NEWS: list some 0.186 debuginfod client & server features
  NEWS: make automake check-news / dist happy
  PR28514: debuginfod: limit groom operation times
  PR28430: debuginfod: support --passive mode

Hayatsu Shunsuke (1):
  update Japanese translation

John M Mellor-Crummey (1):
  libdw, readelf: Read inlining info in NVIDIA extended line map

Mark Wielaard (31):
  run-debuginfod-find.sh: Disable valgrind for debuginfod client cache tests
  debuginfod-client: Fix client dereference when calloc fails.
  strip: Always check gelf_update results.
  unstrip: Always check gelf_getrel[a] results
  readelf: Fix error message when two attribute names differ in in compare_listptr.
  readelf: Handle line tables without line number statements correctly
  tests: Fix EXTRA_DIST typo in testfile-largealign.o.bz2
  libelf: Optimize elf_strptr.c validate_str by checking last char first
  lib: Add static inline reallocarray fallback function
  tests: Allow an extra pthread_kill frame in backtrace tests
  Add lib/error.c
  tests: Use fresh separate databases for debuginfd forwarded-ttl-limit
  debuginfod: Turn -d ":memory:" into -d "file::memory:?cache=shared"
  tests: Add debuginfod-subr.sh to EXTRA_DIST
  tests: Make sure all debuginfod tests use a clean database and cache.
  tests: Set DEBUGINFOD_CACHE_PATH for run-debuginfod-{file,query-retry}.sh
  tests: Print metrics for both ports on error and fix port selection
  tests: Only export DEBUGINFOD_URLS when necessary
  tests: Make sure to wait for initial scan and groom cycle
  tests: Make sure to wait for initial scan and groom cycle earlier
  tests: Cleanup error handling and don't share cache between servers/client
  tests: Don't fail run-debuginfod-fd-prefetch-caches.sh if grep -c fails
  libdw: set address size, offset size and version on fake CUs
  debuginfod: Add endl after "fdcache emergency flush for filling tmpdir" log
  elflint.c: Don't dereference databits if bad
  tests: Handle dwarf_attr_string returning NULL in show-die-info.c
  debuginfod-client: Stick to http:// + https:// + file:// protocols
  libdw: Use signedness of subrange type to determine array bounds
  libdw: Don't pass NULL to dwarf_peel_type
  libdw: dwarf_elf_begin should use either plain, dwo or lto DWARF sections.
  Prepare for 0.186

Noah (2):
  debuginfod: PR27711 - Use -I/-X regexes during groom phase
  debuginfod: PR25978 - Created the prefetch fdcache

Noah Sanci (9):
  debuginfod: Minor run-debuginfod-find.sh test fixes
  debuginfod: PR28034 - client-side %-escape url characters
  debuginfod: PR27983 - ignore duplicate urls
  debuginfod: Fracture tests/run-debuginfod-find.sh into specific tests
  debuginfod: PR28034 - No longer escape '/', and loop efficiency
  debuginfod: PR27277 - Describe retrieved files when verbose
  debuginfod: Query debuginfod servers before printing response
  debuginfod: Remove checking for unsafe headers

Omar Sandoval (1):
  libdwfl: fix potential NULL pointer dereference when reading link map

Saleem Abdulrasool (5):
  lib: remove usage of `sys/cdefs.h`
  debuginfod, elfclassify: remove unnecessary header inclusion
  handle libc implementations which do not provide `error.h`
  lib: remove unused `STROF` definition (NFC)
  lib: avoid potential problems with `-fno-common`

Sergei Trofimovich (1):
  elflint: fix undefined 'buffer_left' reference

Timm Bäder (1):
  readelf: Pull advance_pc() in file scope

William Cohen (1):
  RISC-V: PR27925 Add support for LP64 and LP64F ABIs return values
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