[ECOS] "No source file named d"?

Michele Portolan michele.portolan@imag.fr
Wed Nov 8 10:16:00 GMT 2006

Hi evrytone,
I am using eCos for Leon2, usign the sparc-elf-xxx suite. Anyway when I try to debug it with ddd I have some strage problems:

1) I must call ddd with "ddd --debugger sparc-rtems-gdb --attach-window", if I tru "ddd --debugger sparc-elf-gdb --attach-window" it hangs up

2) I defined a new package, it is inside the configuration flow and it is well compiled. Anyway each time from ddd I try to acces one of its functions I get the error "No source file named d", inside th ungetc.cxx file...but I never use it!

Any idea of the possible reasons?


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