[ECOS] Request for hints

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Thu Mar 16 09:49:00 GMT 2006

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 09:19:23PM -0500, John R. Dunning wrote:
> Hi ecos wizards.  I'm a newbie, and am looking for hints and howtos
> etc.
> My goal is to produce extrememly minimal images, initially for use in
> exercising hardware blocks in a simulator.  Later they will run on
> real hardware.  To that end, I'm looking at ecos as a platform for
> building targeted test images.  
> The question is, how minimal can I make it?  If I wanted to, for
> instance, ditch pretty much everything except malloc/free, printf,
> some basic thread support, basic interrupt handling, how close could I
> get to that with ecos?
> I've played with the config tool, built some tests using the canned
> recipes etc, and scanned through the doc a bit.  Any further hints on
> how to make lean-and-mean images would be much appreciate.  TIA...

The test cases are probably what you want. Try something like:

ecosconfig new at91sam7s minimal
ecosconfig tree
make -s ; make -s tests

and then run install/tests/hal/common/current/tests/basic and context.

basic does not do much, but it will at least output to the serial
port. So you can test all the startup code and the serial port.
context does some context switches between threads.

For interrupts you will need the kernel, so do the ecosconfig command
without 'minimal' and try the test program clocktruth. This will test
if your timer tick interrupt works.

Are you designing a processor from scratch?


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