[ECOS] CPM Reset on MPC8xx & SPI

Will Wagner will_wagner@carallon.com
Thu Apr 21 15:39:00 GMT 2005

Been having problems getting SPI working on an 866P.

I have tracked this down to _mpc8xx_reset_cpm setting all the dual port 
RAM to zero. Unfortunately at 0x3dac there is stored the location the 
current location of the SPI Parameter RAM and at 0x3dae the default 
value is stored. These really shouldn't be set to zero when the CPM is 

I guess it would be too complicated in the reset function to not set 
those values to zero?

It is easy to work around by resetting the correct value into the SPI 
Parameter RAM when initialising the other parameters, however it was a 
very unexpected step to have to do. Is having to reset it the more 
correct way or should the reset function be changed to prevent it being 
set to zero?

Once I get this working would anyone be interested in me getting this 
into CVS?

Thanks for any help,

Will Wagner

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