[ECOS] Build standalone application in E7T

peter_ku peter_ku@issc.com.tw
Tue Nov 12 01:24:00 GMT 2002


Yes, I have already checked the mail list, that's why my bootstrap loader can recognize my application
But after I put it in the flash, the bootstrap loader can recogize my application using rommodules or boot.
It looks like BootStrap Loader didn't jump to my application, why?

Any comment is appreciate.


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I think this topic is already discussed in the list. did you check the mail
list archive. I think you will get the answer there.


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> Subject: [ECOS] Build standalone application in E7T
> Hi,
> Any one have ever generate a standalone application, put into 
> E7T's flash and run successfully?
> I follow the following sequence to generate a binary file, 
> and I can put it into flash successfully, I means I use 
> "rommodules" and see my application in the 0x1820000.
> But It looks something wrong to execute my application code.
> 1. Choose ROM type, and build eCos library.
> 2. I edit title and help string in the redboot_module.c, and 
> remark the latest line.  //_RedBoot_init(__dummy_init, 
> RedBoot_INIT_LAST)
> 3. compile my application and redboot_module.c
> 4. Link all together to generate binary file.
> 5. Generate the final binary file with checksum.
> 6. uuecode the binary
> 7. put it into 0x1820000
> Any suggestion , thanks a lot
> Best Regards,
> Peter

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