cat /proc/partitions shows only devices, not partitions

Hashim Aziz
Sun Mar 1 21:16:00 GMT 2020

This was an issue that I had previously in September of last year and sent the issue to this mailing list ("win-mounts no longer displays anything when doing "cat /proc/partitions") but the issue stopped occurring before I could get around to diagnosing it. This issue has now re-occurred and this time it seems permanent. When I run:

$ cat /proc/partitions
major minor  #blocks  name   win-mounts

    8     0         0 sda
    8    16         0 sdb
    8    32         0 sdc
    8    48         0 sdd
    8    64         0 sde
    8    80         0 sdf

...I see nothing at all in the win-mounts column. This makes it impossible for me to see which Windows drive letter maps to which /dev/sdX entry. On closer inspection, this seems to be because I'm not actually seeing any partitions of my drives, even though there are many - for example, I see /dev/sda but no /dev/sda1 or /dev/sda2, and because it's the partitions that are mounted, it's this that seems to result in me seeing nothing in the win-mounts column. I'm running Cygwin on Windows 7 (yes I'm aware it's EOL).

For testing purposes I also ran the following command (for obvious reasons I don't want to have run something like this to find my drive mappings):

$ for disk in /dev/sd*; do echo -n $disk$'\t'; cygpath -m $disk; done
/dev/sda        //./PhysicalDrive0
/dev/sda1       //./D:
/dev/sdb        //./PhysicalDrive1
/dev/sdc        //./PhysicalDrive2
/dev/sdc1       //./Volume{88cc26b4-e0e5-11e9-9cc4-806e6f6e6963}
/dev/sdc2       //./C:
/dev/sdd        //./PhysicalDrive3
/dev/sdd1       //./B:
/dev/sde        //./PhysicalDrive4
/dev/sde1       //./HarddiskVolume5
/dev/sde2       //./E:
/dev/sdf        //./PhysicalDrive5
/dev/sdf1       //./I:

​Thanks in advance for any help with this, it would be very much appreciated as I rely on Cygwin a lot.

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