Why is taskset still not in util-linux?

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 13:29:37 GMT 2020

Am 21.03.2020 um 12:07 schrieb Eliot Moss:
> So here's a thing, though I don't understand it:
> In addition the build/taskset.exe, there's a build/.libs/taskset.exe.

that is usually the unstripped version

> If I install the latter in /usr/bin/.libs/taskset.exe, then 
> /usr/bin/taskset
> works.  In fact, it seems that the version in .libs is the "real" program
> and /usr/bin/taskset is some kind of trampoline (?) to it?

it is the libtool wrapper, infact it is linked only to cygwin1.dll

$ objdump -x .libs/gprof.exe | grep "DLL Name"
         DLL Name: cygwin1.dll
         DLL Name: cygintl-8.dll
         DLL Name: KERNEL32.dll

$ objdump -x gprof.exe | grep "DLL Name"
         DLL Name: cygwin1.dll
         DLL Name: KERNEL32.dll

$ strings gprof.exe | grep ".libs"
# gprof - temporary wrapper script for .libs/gprof

> In fact, a stripped version of build/.libs/taskset installed in /usr/bin
> works just fine.  There must be some kind of build and install convention
> going on that I am not familiar with.  (I'm not familiar with a lot of
> these build processes, actually.)
> Best - Eliot

I also forget the details from time to time...


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