Why is taskset still not in util-linux?

Roumen Petrov bugtrack@roumenpetrov.info
Sat Mar 21 14:26:06 GMT 2020

Eliot Moss wrote:
> So here's a thing, though I don't understand it:
> In addition the build/taskset.exe, there's a build/.libs/taskset.exe.
> If I install the latter in /usr/bin/.libs/taskset.exe, then /usr/bin/taskset
> works.  In fact, it seems that the version in .libs is the "real" program
> and /usr/bin/taskset is some kind of trampoline (?) to it?
Libtool wrapper is shell script on Unix/Linux and executable on Microsoft Windows OS. Goal of "wrapper" is to prepare environment in the way that allows to run real executable without installation.
Project that creates just one executable is not the beast sample but think for a library project and a bundle of tests (executable). All tests must load library from build tree.

> In fact, a stripped version of build/.libs/taskset installed in /usr/bin
> works just fine.  There must be some kind of build and install convention
> going on that I am not familiar with.  (I'm not familiar with a lot of
> these build processes, actually.)
I think that in some cases this executable has to be relinked. Definitely not on Microsoft Windows OS. So on cygwin it is "final" executable.

> Best - Eliot


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