More on Win7 update messing up HOME

David Karr
Fri Aug 16 02:39:00 GMT 2019

I wish I could get my own messages on this list, so I could add more
information to my first note.

Running the installer again made no difference.  It still thinks my HOME is

I don't know what environment variables are set or inspected by cygwin.  I
see that the "USERNAME" variable seems to have my expected value.

I tried running "mkpasswd -d" and grepping for my userid, and it was there
(along with many others).

I can "fix" the environment in the mintty shell by setting HOME to
"/home/<myuid>" and then sourcing my .bashrc and .bash_profile. That
doesn't help my Emacs desktop shortcut, which uses "run2".

I noticed that when I do an "ls -lt" in my homedir, instead of the owner
and group of files being my simple uid, it's something like
"<MYDOMAIN>+User(1944941)" and "2993517" (group and user, respectively, I

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