nsswitch.conf: files vs. db_enum interaction

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@yandex.ru
Wed Sep 26 14:05:00 GMT 2018

Greetings, Marco Atzeri!

> Am 26.09.2018 um 06:13 schrieb Brian Inglis:
>> On 2018-09-25 06:30, Andrey Repin wrote:
>>> I just noticed something that I think is an oddity. Or a possible improvement.
>>> If you set your nsswitch.conf to, say;
>>> passwd: db
>>> db_enum: cache builtin local files
>>> The accounts listed in /etc/passwd aren't looked up.
>>> I understand that it's a documented behavior, but it looks... odd to me.
>>  From the UG they should be looked up and may appear more than once if you
>> specify say "files" in an entry and also a db_... entry.
>> Did you test with "getent passwd"? I get SYSTEM and NT SERVICE repeated.
>> I get a comprehensive account list with mkpasswd.
>> I have W10 rs4_release/6.3/10.0/17134.286/1803, Cygwin 64 2.11.1, and default
>> nsswitch.

> on W10 Home I see only double SYSTEM on both "getent passwd" and
> "getent group"

> However "getent passwd" is not reporting local user, cyg_server, sshd,
> guest that instead are reported by "mkpasswd"

Did you conigure db_enum in any special way?
Or, ok, did you configure db_enum at all?
I see that if I don't touch it on my local system, it only list cached and
builtin accounts.
But if I set "db_enum: all", I get all local SAM accounts as well as a
duplicated entry from cache. (No "files" on local system, so…)

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 16:36:14

Sorry for my terrible english...B‹KCB”›Ø›[H™\ܝΈ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKܛ؛[\Ëš[B‘TNˆ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKÙ˜\KÃB‘ØÝ[Y[][ÛŽˆ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKÙØÜËš[B•[œÝXœØÜšX™H[™›Îˆ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKÛ[ÈÝ[œÝXœØÜšX™K\Ú[\CBƒB

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