Group execute permission regression (??): causing problem in fossil.

Achim Gratz
Fri Feb 6 16:54:00 GMT 2015

Jan Nijtmans writes:
> Starting with the upgrade to Cygwin (latest: 1.7.34), fossil started to
> behave strangely: Every file committed to a fossil repository suddenly
> had the execute permission bit set! With 1.7.33 this didn't happen.
> The cause of this problem was that apparently starting with Cygwin
> 1.7.34, the group permission bit in some directories is always set, and
> cannot be unset. For example from my checked-out fossil repository:

Most likely default permissions foisted by Windows via ACL (note that +
character after the permission string from ls?).  Try 'setfacl -b'

> A workaround for this problem is committed in fossil now, but it's puzzling
> to me why this happens. Not all directories behave like this, so it
> probably has a relation with permissions .......

Instead of workarounds, teach fossil to understand ACL.

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