Promote sqlite 3.7.13-1 from test status?

Yaakov (Cygwin/X)
Fri Aug 17 03:52:00 GMT 2012

On Thu, 2012-08-16 at 21:31 +0000, James Johnston wrote:
> I was just about to start writing a similar message to this, but you did it
> for me very perfectly!  What's the point of Cygwin if it can't play nice
> with other Windows programs on the system?

The "point" of Cygwin is clearly stated on our website.

> Sometimes I don't understand the antagonism towards interop with native
> Windows programs that don't do anything unusual and do things by the
> (Windows) book.  It seems like it defeats the point of the project if that
> goes too far.  What's wrong with being pragmatic sometimes? 

So you're saying that it is more important for Cygwin's sqlite3 to work
with a Windows program than it is for it to work properly with other
Cygwin libraries and programs?  That doesn't sound very pragmatic to me.
Software built for Cygwin should _always_ follow *NIX behaviour.


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