Promote sqlite 3.7.13-1 from test status?

James Johnston
Thu Aug 16 22:29:00 GMT 2012

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> On 8/16/2012 10:34 AM, Brian Wilson wrote:
> > is correct, Cygwin is supposed to be a Posix compliant environment
> It's also supposed to interoperate with native Windows programs.
> > If you want to use Windoze tools, why are you using Cygwin?
> First, instant 100 point credibility penalty for being puerile.
> Second, the whole reason for using Cygwin is so you could have a
> Linux/POSIX environment *on Windows.*  If you have no need for Windows
> programs and want a Cygwin-like environment, wouldn't you be running
> Linux, or a BSD, or OS X, or Solaris, or...?
> Okay, so you come back saying something about how there should be some
> Chinese Wall between the Cygwin and native Windows lands.  In that case, I
> recommend you install one of the above-named OSes in a VM.  It'll be
> and more featureful.
> I'm actually struggling to come up with a reason why you would *ever* run
> Cygwin if you didn't ever want it to touch the native Windows side of
> or vice versa.  I guess it uses less RAM and starts up faster than a

I was just about to start writing a similar message to this, but you did it
for me very perfectly!  What's the point of Cygwin if it can't play nice
with other Windows programs on the system?  Go run Linux then!  I can point
out several well-known distributions that would work fine.  The best part is
they don't require paying license fees to an operating system vendor.

Sometimes I don't understand the antagonism towards interop with native
Windows programs that don't do anything unusual and do things by the
(Windows) book.  It seems like it defeats the point of the project if that
goes too far.  What's wrong with being pragmatic sometimes? 

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