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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue Sep 25 12:33:00 GMT 2007

Paul McFerrin wrote:
> Can you really *expect* that someone running B20 for 5+ years can 
> remember from "which package" to select so you will not lose a 
> particular program that you've been using for years.  Heck I didn't even 
> know it was part of the "linux" util package.  I never used a Linus 
> system before.  The "cal" command was introduced back in SVR2 days 
> (~1976)!  Way before Linux came on the scene!  Yes, I'm showing my age.

No I don't expect you to remember details of your ancient install.  I
would expect that you'd recognize that quite allot has likely changed
in the interim and that you might need to do a little leg-work to get
everything you had back to the way you like it.  I don't believe Cygwin
is unusual in this respect.  Any 6+ year old distribution is going
to have changes that may seem a little jarring to those that may be
seeking to have everything just the way they had it.  Of course, if
you feel that these realities don't live up to your expectations, you
are free to stick with the versions you have for as long as they do
what you want.

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