setup.exe deleted some files

Paul McFerrin
Tue Sep 25 03:30:00 GMT 2007

Can you really *expect* that someone running B20 for 5+ years can 
remember from "which package" to select so you will not lose a 
particular program that you've been using for years.  Heck I didn't even 
know it was part of the "linux" util package.  I never used a Linus 
system before.  The "cal" command was introduced back in SVR2 days 
(~1976)!  Way before Linux came on the scene!  Yes, I'm showing my age.

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Paul McFerrin wrote:
>> When I inadvertantly ran setup to perform an upgrade of my B20 
>> environment the other week, I noticed that it deleted some files in 
>> my /bin directory.  One particular file was "cal.exe" which I use 
>> more frequently than a real calendar.  Is this normal or was it a 
>> fluke.  I restored it from my backups.  Also deleted were "egrep.exe" 
>> and "fgrep.exe".
> <>
> <>
> I don't think it's reasonable to expect 'setup.exe' to upgrade your 
> packages
> from a B20 installation since too much has changed since then.  The 
> key is
> to find the packages with the utilities you want and install them.  
> You can
> see from the links above, what you want still exists.  Just install the
> appropriate package.
>> Can anyone explain the logic setup uses to determine which files to 
>> delete?  Was it caused by some menu items not being checked with "keep"?
> If you uninstall a package, it removes the files for that package.  If 
> you
> ask for an upgrade, it removes the old files and installs the new ones.
> Of course, that assumes that the packages were installed with 'setup.exe'
> to begin with.  If not, all bets are off.

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