ssh gives nt authority/system windows who

Lucio Cosmo
Tue May 15 14:06:00 GMT 2007

Hello All.

I've read some archives on the topic but I cannot understand exactly  
how to solve.
To be sure, I've installed a brand new machine with

- WinXP
- MS Visual Studio 7
- Cygwin

Installed ssh daemon by following the instructions.
Our target is compile from a ssh shell with key (authomatic)  
authentication VS projects from shell. As far as I understand, some  
people is doing similiar things.

The batch is working perfectly, except that when it runs from ssh  
console, Visual Studio hangs with a dialog error.

 From the archives, I understood that the problem is the windows_user  
we got from "whoami.exe" for windows executable.
I downloaded such executable in the home dir and I have


ssh localhost ./whoami.exe
nt authority/system

instead of "nt authority/system" i should have "sofiaxp2/lucio".

When I run the script in the first case, all works, in the second VS  
hungs up.

Is there any easy solution to the problem ?
It does give no hassle to change / force things on the machine,  
administration grants, and so on. I need only to make it work :)

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion.


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