ssh gives nt authority/system windows who

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue May 15 14:19:00 GMT 2007

Lucio Cosmo wrote:
> Hello All.
> I've read some archives on the topic but I cannot understand exactly how
> to solve.
> To be sure, I've installed a brand new machine with
> - WinXP
> - MS Visual Studio 7
> - Cygwin
> Installed ssh daemon by following the instructions.
> Our target is compile from a ssh shell with key (authomatic)
> authentication VS projects from shell. As far as I understand, some
> people is doing similiar things.
> The batch is working perfectly, except that when it runs from ssh
> console, Visual Studio hangs with a dialog error.
> From the archives, I understood that the problem is the windows_user we
> got from "whoami.exe" for windows executable.
> I downloaded such executable in the home dir and I have
> ./whoami.exe
> sofiaxp2/lucio
> ssh localhost ./whoami.exe
> nt authority/system
> instead of "nt authority/system" i should have "sofiaxp2/lucio".
> When I run the script in the first case, all works, in the second VS
> hungs up.
> Is there any easy solution to the problem ?
> It does give no hassle to change / force things on the machine,
> administration grants, and so on. I need only to make it work :)
> Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion.

Try password authentication.  If you need public key authentication,
you'll either have to wait until 1.7 releases with the subauth functionality
in it or pull a snapshot now (with all the obvious caveats about using a

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