Broken VNC link at

Markus E.L.
Mon May 14 20:45:00 GMT 2007


I hope this is on topic for the list. The link to VNC at the page
mentioned in the subject

is broken. It seems has been dropped from the
DNS. Possible replacements:

 - (a
   archive of the vanished site AFAIK)

 - (The official successor)

 - (Another popular VNC)

The Gentoo wiki has a more complete overview:

In case the list is not the place to report this, my deepest
apologies. I couldn't find another address in a hurry and would be
most deeply indebted, if, in case I did wrong, those in the know could
just point me without much further ado to a mail address where
observations of this kind are being received.

Thanks -- Markus

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