Attn: Yaakov - gvim (Was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: vim-7.1-1)

Michael Schaap
Wed May 16 10:29:00 GMT 2007

On 16-May-2007 03:12, Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> Michael Schaap wrote:
>> Yaakov, if possible, could you perhaps release a corresponding gvim as
>> well?
>> (Upgrading to vim-7.1 breaks gvim-7.0, so there is some amount of
>> urgency...)
> Please understand that, unfortunately, I had no more warning that
> vim-7.1 was coming to the distro than anyone else.  I will nevertheless
> work on the upgrade ASAP; in the meantime, if you wish to use gvim, you
> must downgrade to the last 7.0 release.
... or a symbolic link /usr/share/vim/vim70 -> vim71 does the job, as a 
temporary workaround.

Anyway, I'd like to stress that in no way this was meant as a complaint, 
just a heads-up. It's a volunteer effort, after all, and it's much 


– Michael

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