Getting price for Cygwin contract?

M. Tavasti
Mon Apr 15 05:51:00 GMT 2002

I have tried for few weeks to get price tag for 'Cygwin contract', but
no success. I've entered my contact info on web form few times,
and last week I've send also email to, but no
response. I don't know if it's just sales people aren't interested to
spend they time with anybody saying '1 project, 1 or 2 developers' or
what is problem. Or is it combination 'Non-Us, few developers'?
Or might it be some silly browser incompatibleness, I would suppose
RedHat pages would be usable with other than IE? 

Now I'd like to get some other method for getting contact with sales
people, or at least get some rough estimates for price of Cygwin
Contract. It would be much easier to plan which tools to use if you
know price for them.

This is bit ridiculous, everyhing for free works, but when you are
willing to pay, you can't. 

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