Can regtool be used to rename a key?

Michael A. Chase
Thu Jun 28 08:03:00 GMT 2001

Perhaps the leading separator in regtool keys could be generalized so any
non-alphanum in the first position becomes the separator character.  That
would make it easier to handle keys that include '/' without having to use
'\' as the separator.

More comments below.
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> How do I now access a key with a slash ?
> See: HKCR\AutoProxyTypes\Application/x-internet-signup

If you look at the help screen, that should (or may) be written
\HKCR\AutoProxyTypes\Application/x-internet-signup.  If the first character
is '/', regtool.exe translates all '/'s it finds into '\'s.  The leading '\'
or '/' is not required.  I was thinking maybe it ought to be required, but
that would probablly break a lot of peoples' code if such a requirement
started being enforced.

> Also all the mime types have slashes in the key ... this might be the
> that regtool does not understand the normal slash as separator, since it
> a valid (and used) character for registry keys.

If you lead with '/' all slashes get converted to '\' which _would_ make
handling MIME types or mount points a bit difficult.  For those keys you'll
have to stick with '\'s.  <G>

Mac :})
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