Can regtool be used to rename a key?

Schaible, Jorg
Thu Jun 28 01:13:00 GMT 2001

Hi Chris,

>>Incidentally, is there a reason that regtool likes 
>backslashes so much?
>>They're a pain in the butt from the command line. I submit 
>this wee tweak so
>>that I could use slashes for the keys:
>Thanks.  I'll apply this patch.  I didn't know that regtool 
>wasn't slash aware.

How do I now access a key with a slash ?
See: HKCR\AutoProxyTypes\Application/x-internet-signup

Also all the mime types have slashes in the key ... this might be the reason
that regtool does not understand the normal slash as separator, since it is
a valid (and used) character for registry keys.


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