two problems with cygwin's zip

Christopher Faylor
Tue Jun 26 08:19:00 GMT 2001

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 11:05:27AM -0400, Fred T. Hamster wrote:
>i have checked the faq and the mailing list and don't find the totally 
>relevant answers, so here are the problems...
>1) zip saves absolute paths in the zipfile.  for example, if i zip up 
>"l:\source\lib_src\library\basis"/* into a zip file, all of the files in 
>the archive start with "l:\".  this leads, on unzipping, for zip to want 
>to write them back into "l:\" rather than unzipping into the current 
>directory.  that is clearly a bad choice if my files on l:\ are somewhat 
>better versions than those in the zip.
>  the infozip distribution doesn't exhibit this behavior in the dos 
>port; instead, it chops off the absolutist part of the path and leaves 
>it as "source\lib_src\library\basis".
>  note that using the -j flag to junk the paths is not appropriate; my 
>zip files often contain 50-100 directories.  i definitely don't want 
>them to all be dropped into the same directory on unzipping.

Cygwin is a UNIX emulation environment.  The cygwin zip program is a
UNIX port.  It probably doesn't know that \ is equivalent to /.

We don't guarantee that every port of every utility that is distributed
with cygwin will properly handle MS-DOS path syntax.  I don't think
that many package maintainers even care about this.

So, use forward slashes in your filenames.  That is one of the whole
reasons for Cygwin -- the ability to use UNIX paths.

If you don't want to use Cygwin's UNIX path name facilities then you
should just be using a native zip port.


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