two problems with cygwin's zip

Fred T. Hamster
Tue Jun 26 08:05:00 GMT 2001

i have checked the faq and the mailing list and don't find the totally 
relevant answers, so here are the problems...

1) zip saves absolute paths in the zipfile.  for example, if i zip up 
"l:\source\lib_src\library\basis"/* into a zip file, all of the files in 
the archive start with "l:\".  this leads, on unzipping, for zip to want 
to write them back into "l:\" rather than unzipping into the current 
directory.  that is clearly a bad choice if my files on l:\ are somewhat 
better versions than those in the zip.
  the infozip distribution doesn't exhibit this behavior in the dos 
port; instead, it chops off the absolutist part of the path and leaves 
it as "source\lib_src\library\basis".
  note that using the -j flag to junk the paths is not appropriate; my 
zip files often contain 50-100 directories.  i definitely don't want 
them to all be dropped into the same directory on unzipping.

2) zip can create paths in the zip file which unzip cannot uh... unzip. 
 for example, if i zip that same directory above using the recursive 
flag, but i forget to rip the last slash off of the path (i.e., zip -r 
l:\source\lib_src\library\basis\ ), then the zip file that is created 
cannot be unzipped.
  the following messages are repeated for each file: "checkdir error:  
cannot create source\lib_src\library\basis\" and "unable to process 
source\lib_src\library\basis\/shell_sort.h", where shell_sort.h is 
varied for the filename.

it seems that both of these concerns would be alleviated by pre-chewing 
the paths that are placed in the zip.  i don't believe i have the 
appropriate gusto to look into the path translation code right now, and 
i am hoping that this bug report can be forwarded to the maintainer of 
zip/unzip for cygwin.

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