foreign tape recognition

Stephen Hansen
Fri Jun 15 13:12:00 GMT 2001

The problem I'm having  is that the cygwin tar command isn't recognizing
tar tape made on a UNIX machine.  The -c option works, but -t and -x
produce the following:

 tar:  /dev/nt0: Cannot read: Permission denied
 tar:  At beginning of tape, quitting now
 tar:  Error is not recoverable: exiting now

 Incidentally, this message appears whether or not I'm at the beginning
of the
 tape.  Also, mt works on the tape, but dd fails.  I read the online
manual and
 its discussion of file permissions mentioned the chmod command.  I
 around a bit with it, but it wouldn't take /dev/nt0 (the directory onto
 I've mounted my tape device--an Exabyte ESB) as an argument.

 Thanks for  your help.

 stephen hansen

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