B20.1: problem with PATH in cygnus.bat

Simo Tuominen simotit@evitech.fi
Fri Mar 31 05:06:00 GMT 2000

(Disclaimer: I'm not certain this hasn't come up, but I didn't find it
in the archives.)

Having downloaded and installed the usertools package I tried to run
cygnus.bat as per instructions. The script failed with "Too many
parameters". I looked into my environment variables and noticed a likely
culprit: there's a space in a directory name in my PATH. Since using a
space works inside quotes I made a simple assumption, edited cygnus.bat,
and it worked.

Fix: open cygnus.bat from wherever you installed it in a text editor,
locate the line the begins with SET PATH, and change %PATH% to "%PATH%".

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