not updating unwritable cache ../config.cache

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Sat Mar 25 20:02:00 GMT 2000

At 06:15 PM 3/24/00, John Wiersba wrote:
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> > At 04:02 PM 3/24/00, John Wiersba wrote:
> > >1)  The following never works for me
> > >    [[ -w FILE ]] && echo ok
> > >even if the file *is* writable by me.
> > 
> > 
> > This is known.  You won't get the test to work unless the 
> > permission you
> > are checking is available "across the board".  Corinna has made some 
> > changes to address this under NT/NTFS in later snapshots but 
> > that won't
> > be any solution for 9x platforms AFAIK.  You might want to 
> > check your umask
> > setting and make sure it doesn't mask out write permissions for group 
> > and others...
>I saw the "across the board" mentioned in the faq or user guide.  Is there a
>work-around?  Perl's cpan command is totally broken because of this.

Options that I know of that exist for NT include:

   - set ntea in you CYGWIN environment variable (actually I'm not sure this
     addresses the test problem).  This has the detriment of creating a file
     EA DATA. SF at the root of FAT drives that grows very quickly and is 
     hard to get rid of (permissions of all files are saved here).  No such
     file is required or used for NTFS.

   - Use a recent snapshot with CYGWIN set to ntsec, following Corinna's 
     instructions exactly.  This works on NTFS drives only.

Have you checked with others on this list with regard to Perl's problem 
here.  I haven't watched that closely but it seems to me I recall others
on this list reporting Perl running well under Cygwin.  I haven't 
investigated Cygwin Perl myself.

>Is it fixed in one of the later snapshots?  I don't want to be on the
>bleeding edge, but I do want to be able to compile the cygwin code on my
>machine.  Is there a relatively stable snapshot I should upgrade to?

Generally speaking, snapshots are for development only.  They don't get 
"saved".  I expect you'd find using ntsec with a recent snapshot would 
resolve the problem but I don't know for sure.  Of course, if you try this,
you will be working with the current stuff, so you will run a risk.  Still,
if you really want to find a solution for this, you may be interested in 
actually looking at the code in the cygwin DLL and trying to see what's
going on, in which case you need current source.;-)  Also, a mitigating 
factor might be that the current thought is that a new net release is 
pending, which means that the "bleeding edge" may be more stable at this
point than it would be otherwise.  You're best bet always is to back up the
version you have before moving forward, in case you decide you need to fall


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