not updating unwritable cache ../config.cache

John Wiersba
Fri Mar 24 15:25:00 GMT 2000

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> At 04:02 PM 3/24/00, John Wiersba wrote:
> >1)  The following never works for me
> >    [[ -w FILE ]] && echo ok
> >even if the file *is* writable by me.
> This is known.  You won't get the test to work unless the 
> permission you
> are checking is available "across the board".  Corinna has made some 
> changes to address this under NT/NTFS in later snapshots but 
> that won't
> be any solution for 9x platforms AFAIK.  You might want to 
> check your umask
> setting and make sure it doesn't mask out write permissions for group 
> and others...

I saw the "across the board" mentioned in the faq or user guide.  Is there a
work-around?  Perl's cpan command is totally broken because of this.

Is it fixed in one of the later snapshots?  I don't want to be on the
bleeding edge, but I do want to be able to compile the cygwin code on my
machine.  Is there a relatively stable snapshot I should upgrade to?


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